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Welcome to HBB
Welcome to the Henry B. Burkland School

Welcome to Henry B. Burkland Elementary School

About Us

Our vision at HBB is to work together as an entire school community to provide an environment where students grow in confidence and in their belief of themselves. Students will develop an appreciation of education and an understanding of its importance. As a result students will be motivated and possess the ability to think and the desire to be inquisitive HBB students will know how to set goals and will have the ability confidence, determination and perseverance to achieve their goals. They will know how to work together in the pursuit of excellence and as a result will possess the ability to be respectful and accepting of one another. Our goal is to have students leave HBB as healthy, active contributing members of the community who are well prepared for future success

News & Events

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Mission Statement

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MPS Mission Statement


The mission of the Middleborough Public Schools is to foster a culture of excellence within every student, in every classroom, every day.